Sunday, December 4, 2011


When it comes to peeing games, Shoot The Floater is an all-time favorite. But now there will soon be  honest to god urinal games from the British company Captive Media. The whizzes over at Captive Media have developed games powered by your own pee. Too bad the name Nintendo Wii is already taken.

And what's the one thing that would make a peeing video game even better? Having poo-powered lighting. Dutch electronics company Philips has created Bio-Light, a greener lighting system powered by "glowing bioluminescent bacteria that thrive on waste generated in the average home." That's a fancy way of saying "poo."

Now if only a company could combine the two so you have to work in teams. One whizzing the game, the other powering the lighting from a stall. I can hear it now.

"I need more power."
"I'm giving her all I've got."

I love living in the age of enlightenment. 

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